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QB60 0.5HP Electric Peripheral Clean Water Pump

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  • Category:Peripheral Pump
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  • 100% Copper Wire
  • F Class
  • Cold Stator
  • Brass Impeller
  • Product Manual:1. 100% copper wire, and automatic winding 2. Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with high-speed punching, improving the efficiency and precision 3. Demagnetization of stainless steel nuts 4. Anti-r

Applications & Installation

This series peripheral pumps have relatively simple construction and are very economical ,reliable and safe. They are particularly suitable for domestic applications such as supply water from well, pool etc, the automatic distribution of water by surge tanks and pressure switch, and increasing of water pressure.

Working Limits

Max fluid temperature up to 80°C

Max ambient temperature up to 40°C


Two-pole induction motor

The speed is 2850 r/min

Insulation Class: B/F is available on request

Protection Class: IP 44

Continuous duty

Cooling: External ventilation

Total suction lift up to 8 mt.


Pump Body: Cast iron (Brass insert is available)

Front Cover: Cast iron (Brass insert is available)

Motor Casing: Aluminum alloy

Impeller: Brass

Shaft :45# steel/Stainless steel

Mechanical Seal: Ceramic/Graphite/ Silicon carbide


TYPE Output Power Current Capacitor H.max Q.max Size S.Head N.W PACKAGE DIMENTION
Kw HP (A) (uF) (m) (L/min) (inch) (m) (kg) L×W×H(mm)
QB60 0.37 0.5 2.2 8 36 35 1"*1" 8 5.5 285×145×185
QB70 0.55 0.75 4.5 14 55 45 1"*1" 9 340×175×210
QB80 0.75 1 5.5 20 65 46 1"*1" 10.5 340×175×210


Pumps should be installed in a dry and covered area, protected against the weather.

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