Fuan Xinyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

Fuan Xinyuan Electric Co., Ltd.


       WALPA PUMPS provides services to its Distributors / Dealers / End Customers making complete customer satisfaction is the focus. We take pride in providing high quality products and the services to maintain our reputation over the years. 

      WALPA PUMPS provides cost effective solutions not only for standard applications, but for special applications. 

1.About Warranty

 A)1 year guarantee period

( The warranty period commences on the date of original purchase of the equipment. )  During this period, any problems come out,we will deal with them right now.

 In usual,there are two mainly problem:

 a.Some plastic parts broken or castings come out cracks,we will provide you new parts without charge to replace them. 

 b.If the pumps can not repair well,we will provide you a complete new pump with free. Note:Such problems come out,you show us the photos which indicate where the pumps broken,then we will help you to solve the problems as soon as possible. 

 B)Conditions of Warranty 

 This warranty is subject to due compliance by the original purchaser with all directions and conditions set out in the Installation and Operating instructions. Failure to comply with these Instructions, Damage or breakdown caused by fair wear and tear, negligence, misuse, incorrect installation, inappropriate chemicals or additives in the water, inadequate protection against freezing, rain or other adverse weather conditions, corrosive or abrasive water, lighting or high voltage spikes or through unauthorized persons attempting repairs are not covered under warranty. The product must only be connected to the voltage shown on the nameplate. 

2.Technical Selection and System Calculation

 Our marketing department helps in proper pump selection based on the site conditions and requirement of the customer. 

3.Pumps Testing Facilities 

 Test facilities at the factory are in accordance with Bureau Of China Standards and International requirements.

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