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AUTODP Automatic System Booster Pump

  • Product Item:WP-025
  • Category:Automatic Pump Station
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  • 100% Copper Wire
  • F Class
  • Cold Stator
  • Stainless steel Shaft
  • Product Manual:• High head, steady flow and low power consumption water pump motor • Very economical, reliable, safe and easy operation and maintenance water pump motor • Compact design with mountable feet is ju





Construction Features:

  • Pump body: cast iron
  • Front cover: cast iron
  • End cover: cast iron
  • Shaft:45# steel /Stainless Steel
  • Impeller: Brass/Stainless Steel/PPO optional
  • Motor housing: closed, externally ventilated
  • Insulation class: B/F
  • Protection class:IP44/IP54
  • Duty: continuously rated
  • Mechanical Seal: ceramic steatite/metalized carbon/silicon carbide



The DP series pumps are thought as one of the best pumps for deep well. In fact they consist of two pumps connected in series, one is ejector pump and the other is centrifugal pump. The ejector pump is lowered in well and connected to the centrifugal pump body by two pipes. These pumps are suitable for pumping clean water and chemically non-aggressive fluids. They are extremely reliable, economical and simple to use, finding many uses in domestic applications and the automatic distribution of the water from small and medium-sized surge tanks form an automatic booster systems to supply water .The most remarkable character is that they can be used to supply clean water from extremely deep well. To ensure adequate counter-pressure, it is always to install a foot valve with a filter on the suction opening.


Operating condition

-Max. working pressure 5bar

-Liquid temperature up to 80

-Ambient temperature up to 40

-Total suction lift up to 15~30m.

-Continuous duty




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